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Transfer iPod Photos to Computer

iTunes makes it very easy to sync your photos or other stuff from your computer to your iPod. Just plug the iPad to computer and sync those files by iTunes. However, if you think you can transfer photos from iPod to computer in the same way. You are totally wrong!

There is a way to transfer iPod photos to computer but you need to use specialized software named Cucusoft iPod to Computer Transfer. It can help you transfer pictures from iPod to computer quickly. It also allows you to preview and select all your pictures in the iPod, then export the highest quality pictures after you click the Export button. If you want Transfer Music from iPod to Computer, you can also use this software. Wonderful? Go to free download this software!

Guides: Transfer Photos from iPod to Computer

Step 1: Connect iPod to your computer, make sure you have turned on the iPod. You can also view how much of the transfer is complete in the top of the interface.

transfer ipod photos to computer steps

Step 2: Look through the photos stored on your iPod. Select the photos to be transferred or moved to your computer. Then hit the "Export" button to transfer or move photos from iPod to computer,

Step 3: Then a window will pop up, choose "Export to Disk Only" button, and click the "OK " button.

transferring ipod photos to computer

You can transfer picture from iPod to computer with just a few clicks and share them on other's computers.